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Alan Charman - Opinion, Investigation, Dissent
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26 May 2016

72 Minutes

When in Rome...

We Have Reached Peak Fear

Someone Else's Problem

Biggest Douche Found

Shooting Good, Graffiti of Shooting Bad

Wage Slavery

Is Bullshit on Sale?

Note to Maori: Please Stop Murdering Your Children!

When Legal Tender isn't Legal Tender


Stupid Old Farts

April 2016

A new definition for "irony": walking into a Kiwibank and hearing two staff members chatting away in Hindi.

Holy Crap! Twice in two days, now I'm worried

Fluoride: The End!

Turkey, where the President is the biggest turkey of them all

Labour: The Last Chance Express

NCEA and your child

The Perfect Irony

Black face, white face..

Auckland Needs Phil Goff

March 2016

The Greatest "Pics or it didn't happen" ever!

Mission Accomplished!

Stupidity is infinite

Robots are taking our jobs!

PC Continues to Go Nuts

Our First New Home! The reality you don't see on TV.

Who Pays?

Northland is...

Hells Angels 50; Police 0

Kiwi Legend: Scott Dixon

It Isn't Easy Being a Cop!

Dilworth Old Boy Racists

What the hell is going on in Flat Bush?

Want to reduce gang income? Legalise Drugs!

The Auckland Cup!

Why is BCITO (a government agency) Breaking its Own Law?

Colour me sceptical

February 2016

Corrupt practice at NZ schools. Fancy seeing Auckland Grammar!

Are you a moron on climate change?

26 February

Cats, and why you shouldn't believe everything you read.

Whatever else you do today, give money to Fiji - they are one of our closest neighbours and are in desperate need.

22 February

Another reason why the psychiatric industry is a joke.

Why you should shun IPOs offered by Private Equity Funds.

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